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How to maximize your linking success

As the developers of the standard program for link building,
ARELIS, it's only natural that we have often given you tips for improving the link popularity of your web site and building strong relationships with other sites to drive targeted visitors to your site.

In case you've missed some issues of this newsletter, you can find the linking tips here:

Nevertheless, we still see many webmasters do it wrong when trying to improve the link popularity of their web site. There are two common mistakes:

1. The link text should contain your keyword

If your web site doesn't come up in the top 10 rankings for your most important keyword, chances are that other sites link to you the wrong way.

For example, if most links to your site are created this way

<a href="">This is a great site! Click here!</a>

then you will not get high search engine rankings for your most important keyword unless your keyword is "great", "site", "click" or "here".

If your most important keyword or key phrase is "office furniture", then other sites should link to you this way:

<a href="">Office furniture - click here!</a>

2. Ask everyone to link to the same URL

It's important that you tell people to link to the same page of your web site. Always use the same variation of your web site URL.

For example, search engines see URLs such as


as different URLs although they all lead to the same page. If you want to get high link popularity for a specific keyword, then pick one of those URLs and stay with it.

It makes sense to give others detailed instructions of how to link to your site. In your link request email message, you could write:

Please use the following HTML snippet to link to my site:

<a href="">Green apples, red apples</a>

You can find many more tips on improving the link popularity of your web site in our free link popularity eBook.


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