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How to make your site more effective

Our newsletter is all about search engine ranking facts. You know that a high ranking is very important to get high quality targeted traffic to your Web site. The more targeted your visitors are, the more you'll sell on your site.

However, a high ranking alone is not enough. Many webmasters have the problem that their visitors don't buy something on their site even if the way the visitors reached the site indicates that they're interested in the products.

For that reason, we're going to tell you in a new series what you can do to improve the effectiveness of your Web site .

PART 1: The first 3 critical points - Make a good first impression, or your visitors will leave immediately

When Web surfers come to your site, it's very important that you make a good first impression. Before a Web surfer starts reading the copy text on your Web page, your page must pass these three critical points:

  1. Your Web page must load quickly

    Web surfers won't wait for slow loading Web pages. If your Web pages don't load as fast as is possible, a lot of Web surfers will go away before they have had a chance to take a look at your Web pages.

    Don't forget that still the majority of Web surfers use a 28K/56K modem to surf the Internet. If your Web page is 120 KB big (including the images), then it takes 17 seconds to load the page. Would you wait so long?

  2. Your Web site must look good

    Make sure that your Web site has a professional layout. People don't want to purchase from a shady backyard business. It's very important that your Web pages look perfect. Hire a professional Web designer if necessary.

    The same is valid for your link pages. If you want to exchange links with other sites, make sure that your link pages look attractive. A link on your link pages should be something other people want to have.

    Make your link pages accessible from your other Web pages and use a great layout for your link pages.

  3. Don't use automatically generated doorway pages

    Automatically created doorway pages might bring some visitors to your site. However, they'll land on a Web page that was designed with search engines spiders in mind.

    Automatically created doorway pages usually look ugly to human Web surfers. Often, they consist of nothing more than a list of buzz-words. You won't get good results with this method because human Web surfers will quickly close such a Web page.

If your Web site fails under one of these categories, Web surfers will leave your site before you even have the chance to tell them your marketing message.

In the next issues, we're going to tell you what you can do to get a higher conversion rate for your site. We're going to tell you how to keep customers on your site and how to quickly direct them to the right pages. Finally, we're going to tell you how to close a sale on your Web site.

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